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CCR — John Murray's Kitchen

John Murray is a computer-controlled roaster (CCR) owner. Here are photos of his kitchen setup and some comments from him on his experiences as a CCR owner.

I have found that your CCR makes roasting so easy in many ways. It is easy to use, easy to learn, makes complicated multi-step roasts so easy to perform, etc. I have noticed the consistency between roasts to be so precise. I am a technogeek, so I love it. I can't wait to do more exotic roasts and more complicated profiles, and I know the CCR will perform them with ease and accuracy.

Computer Controlled Roaster

I constructed a vent hood (photos below) out of a water heater stand, aluminum foil, and a duct fan with assorted fittings and hose. I vented the hose into my stovetop Jenn-Aire, which vents outside. I have attached some pictures of my setup including the CCR. I am really excited about roasting with the CCR and how it is so much more advanced than any other way of roasting

computer controlled roaster

computer controlled roaster

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