Pawlan Communications
San Jose, CA USA

About the Owner

Jeffrey Jeffrey Pawlan began studying electronics at age 12, and has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1960. After graduating UCLA where he studied engineering, chemistry, physics, and music, he began his career in electronic engineering. He has worked for a number of prominent companies in both Northern and Southern California on a permanent or consulting basis and became a full-time independent consultant in 1990.

In 1990 he founded Pawlan Communications to provide independent consulting services to large and small companies all over the United States. In this capacity, he has designed many wireless LANs, RFID tag systems, and handheld products. Currently, his favorite research areas are low noise wide dynamic range amplifiers, low phase noise oscillators, and Software Defined Radios.

Career Highlights

  • Life Senior Member of the IEEE, Member of the Microwave Theory & Techniques (MTT-S) Society, the Ultrasonics, Ferroelectric, and Frequency Control (UFFC) Society, member of the Antenna and Propagations Society (AP-S), and also member of the Communications Society (ComSoc).
  • Presented around 75 lectures on Software Defined Radio around the world
  • While at UCLA, invented a unique implementation of secondary emission electron multiplication that is now used for far UV detection and is the basis of channel night vision image intensifiers.
  • Responsible for complete design of duplex MM wave communications system for Navy while at Hughes.
  • Responsible for CATV hybrid design, manufacture, and testing while at Power Hybrids (now MACOM-PHI).
  • Designed EW equipment and delivered all projects under my management at ITT Gilfillan on schedule and within budget.
  • Developed the first automatic production testing of RF equipment at Datron.
  • Designed the SARSAT receiver for NASA, and sent by NASA to Moscow to the SARSAT - COSPAS prelaunch field test.
  • Given award for Outstanding Performance while at Stanford Telecommunications.
  • Elected Technical Director of Project Oscar (non-profit organization for the amateur radio satellite program).
  • Patent applied for unique data modulator circuit in 9/92.
  • Patent issued for consumer receiver system in 6/05.
  • Patent pending for wellness and health monitoring system.
  • Founded and led the 50MHz and Up Group of Northern California, Inc. which is a non-profit educational and scientific research organization.
  • created the concept of a Software Defined Radio program named Winrad

Teaching Experience

  • Lectured in may locations in the US, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, France, and Israel in 2012-2015
  • Gave a one week intensive Short Course on RF design and Software Defined Radio at the Institute of Telecommunications, Aveiro University, Portugal in March 2011
  • Lectured at the Technical University of Prague in 2010
  • Several presentations at IEEE chapter meetings
  • Lecture with live demonstration of Software Defined Radio in a workshop at MTT IMS 2010
  • Taught microwaves at San Jose City College
  • Taught advanced analog circuit design and SPICE at San Jose State University
  • Taught SPICE and RF Techniques II for Besser Associates.


  • Slotted Waveguide Antennas published in DUBUS in 2017
  • A more Detailed Look at Dual Mode Feeds for Amateur Radio Antennas 2012
  • Dual Mode Feedhorns published in DUBUS in 2016
  • High Performance Transitions between Rectangular and Circular Waveguide 2012 and published in DUBUS in 2015
  • Simulations and Measurements of a Circular Waveguide Septum Feed, part 1. High Frequency Electronics Magazine, July 2010.
  • Simulations and Measurements of a Circular Waveguide Septum Feed, part 2. High Frequency Electronics Magazine, August 2010.
  • Simulation and Measurement of the Effects of Reflections from a Prime Focus Dish back into a Circularly Polarized Feed, DUBUS Magazine, Dec. 2010
  • Advanced Analog Circuit Design (EE124) laboratory manual for San Jose State University, 1992, 1993
  • Computer Simulation of High Q Oscillators using SPICE and LIBRA for the RF Expo Proceedings, Spring 1993
  • A Tutorial on Intermodulation Distortion, RF Design Magazine, February 1996
  • Part 2: Practical Steps for Accurate Computer Simulation, RF Design Magazine, March 1996
  • Phase Noise Part 1: What is it, and How it Affects Communications, proceedings of the 1996 Microwave Update, Phoenix AZ, published by the ARRL
  • Phase Noise Part 2: Tips and Techniques for Reducing Phase Noise, proceedings of the 1996 Microwave Update, Phoenix AZ, published by the ARRL
  • Practical Experimental Measurement of the Effects of LO Phase Noise on Received CW Signals, proceedings of the 1997 Microwave Update, Sandusky OH, published by the ARRL
  • With co-author C. R. MacCluer: The Interaction of RF and LO Noise During Downconversion, proceedings of the 1997 Microwave Update, Sandusky OH, published by the ARRL
  • Two Book Reviews in Applied Microwave and Wireless Magazine, April 1998
  • With co-author C. R. MacCluer: RF and LO Noise Interaction During Downconversion, Microwave Journal, July 1998

Pawlan Communications specializes in system analysis, circuit design, product development, prototype construction, testing, and small manufacturing runs.

We can provide you with one consultant or a team of consultants to solve problems or take charge of product development at your facility or ours.

You always get high-quality work and a quick turn-around time.