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Crocheted Granny Square Scarf

granny square scarf To make a granny square scarf, all you have to do is pick out a granny square pattern, make enough squares to account for the length and width you want for the scarf, sew the squares together, and then finish it off.

Granny Square Patterns

If you have never made granny squares, see How to Make a Granny Square.

There are a lot of free granny square patterns on the web or you can find patterns in books available for sale in yarn stores. When you find a pattern you like for your scarf, make a few squares until you are comfortable with the pattern.

Make Enough Squares

Measure one of the squares and figure out how wide and long you want to make the scarf. Decide how many squares you will need and whether you need to make enough for one, two, or three squares for the width. Make the number of squares you need.

Sew Squares Together

Using a yarn needle, sew the squares together as neatly and evenly as possible so the pattern is consistent lengthwise and width-wise.


Single crochet around the outer edge and choose a finish that goes with the granny square pattern such as shells, rows of single or double crochet, or something more elaborate from the web or a book. Also decide if you want to affix tassels at the end.

The placement of the finishing and tassels has to be as even as possible with respect to the squares and the overall dimensions of the scarf. That is, if you are going with shells, be sure to place the shells evenly around the scarf and so they are directly across from each other. You might have to skip a single crochet here and there to achieve it, but this amount of fudging will not be anywhere near as obvious to the eye as unevenly placed shells or other design you are using.