Pawlan Communications
San Jose, CA USA

Business Services

I am currenly emphasizing research in Software Defined Radio and millimeter radio design. I participate in some IEEE activities. I am a Distinguished Lecturer Emeritus of the MTT, teaching RF Design and Software Defined Radio.

I accept technically challenging consulting contracts.


Wide dynamic range, low noise, and power amplifiers with frequencies from DC to microwave.


Active and passive filters with frequencies from sub-audible to microwave.


VCO, Crystal, low phase noise, and resonator-stabilized oscillators with frequencies from audio to microwave.

Radio Communication Systems

Wide dynamic range and low-power radio communications systems. Receivers, transmitters, full and half duplex using voice, data, and broadband modes. All radio communications systems spanning frequencies from HF to millimeter wave. Design and testing to meet FCC parts 15, 90, 97 as needed is also available.

Microwave Antennas

Design of high performance microwave antennas including feeds for reflector antennas.


High performance instrumentation solutions for medical or special-purpose instruments.

Analysis or Technical Review of Existing Designs

Independent design review, circuit and system simulations.


Group or individual training in your facility on RF topics or computer simulation.

Printed Circuit Board Layouts

Double-sided or multilayer boards built from glass epoxy (FR4), glass teflon, pure PTFE, or ceramic. Boards can be optimized for size (sub-miniature or ultra-high density), analog/RF/microwave performance, and minimized cross-talk or ringing.

Analog and RF Testing with Performance Verification

Lab with test equipment for regular testing, and GPIB programming for automated testing.

Pawlan Communications specializes in system analysis, circuit design, product development, prototype construction, testing, and small manufacturing runs.

We can provide you with one consultant or a team of consultants to solve problems or take charge of product development at your facility or ours.

You will always get high-quality work and a quick turn-around time.